Clementine Is Back!

In her last adventure, this scruffy but loveable dog was intent on rounding up her busy family for a walk. This time, in Clementine's Bath, she is trying desperately to avoid the bath her family is insisting she needs.

Clementine hides under the bed, behind the curtains and in Baby's toy box but somehow her family always seem to know where she is.

Preliminary  drawing for Clementine's Bath.

Preliminary  drawing for Clementine's Bath.

A Visit to Wendouree Primary School

Last week I travelled to Ballarat to visit Wendouree Primary School.

I met the children in Prep, 1/2 and 2/3 classes and we talked about how Clementine's Walk was written and illustrated.

The Prep class have given me a beautiful book they made themselves and it is all about where each person in the class would take Clementine for a walk. In the book, Clementine walks to a mountain and a fountain, to school and the shops, to the forest and a park, to a garden and the gym, to the circus and the beach,  to friends' houses and fast food outlets and so many more places - even to a roller coaster!

Thank you for a lovely visit Wendouree Primary. 

Endpapers from Clementine's Walk

Endpapers from Clementine's Walk

WPS Artwork.jpg

Who was Millie White?

Millie was our dearly loved dog who passed away in April at the grand age of 15. She was intelligent and loyal and naughty and fun and provided most of the inspiration for my picture book - Clementine’s Walk. Though Millie was a black Labrador, with a dash of Kelpie, and Clementine has a more blonde and windswept look, their approach to life was similar, particularly in regard to getting out of the house.

Millie would sometimes sleep under my desk, especially if there was a hint of thunder in the air. On more than one occasion, she barked suddenly making me jump and causing changes in the drawing – not always in a good way. This made me wonder what other situations could arise if Millie barked unexpectedly at other people – maybe there could be jigsaw pieces flying through the air, knitting unraveling across the room and very grumpy chooks.

And so the story of Clementine’s Walk came about.

I miss the sound of Millie’s toenails clicking on the floorboards when she came into the studio to remind me that it was lunchtime.  I miss her friendship, her constancy and her funny little ways.

She was a pretty good dog.

Vale Millie.


Moon Gazing       Oil on Canvas

Moon Gazing       Oil on Canvas

Next she went to see if Mum could make a little time. But Mum was making too much mess to walk with Clementine.

Next she went to see if Mum could make a little time. But Mum was making too much mess to walk with Clementine.

The Prince Who Shrank

My new picture book - The Prince Who Shrank is out this month. The story is written by Kylie Fornasier and is about a prince who makes everyone around him feel small. Then one morning he wakes up with a bit of a problem - he has shrunk! The crosser and meaner he gets, the more he shrinks. It was great fun illustrating this story - specially the parts where the prince tries to remedy his unfortunate situation.

The Prince Who Shrank is published by Koala Books - an imprint of Scholastic.

Exhibition at the Eltham Library Community Gallery

The Art Of Illustration, currently on at the Eltham Library Community Gallery, offers an insight into the creative process for producing commissioned art. The exhibition shows the progression from thumbnails and storyboards to the finished illustrations of my picture book Clementine's Walk.

Also on display are illustrations from a variety of other books and projects including original illustrations commissioned by Yarra Plenty Regional Library.

The Art Of Illustration runs from 8th January - 2nd February.

The Artists' Group 2014 Exhibition

The Artists' Group 2014 Exhibition is on at  The Academy of Design. 220 Ingles Street, Port Melbourne from 20-22 November. 10am-4pm.

Opening Night is Thursday 20th November from 6pm - 9pm . With over 25 artists exhibiting, it should be a great evening.                                                       

This is one of the paintings I have in the exhibition. It's called Cloud Street.


My Dad is A Bear

My Dad is a Bear is being launched on 10th August from 3pm - 4pm at the Eltham library, Panther Place, Eltham.

There will be yummy, honey flavoured refreshments. 

Nicola and I will be there to read the story and meet everyone.

My Dad Bear 300dpi.jpg