A Visit to Wendouree Primary School

Last week I travelled to Ballarat to visit Wendouree Primary School.

I met the children in Prep, 1/2 and 2/3 classes and we talked about how Clementine's Walk was written and illustrated.

The Prep class have given me a beautiful book they made themselves and it is all about where each person in the class would take Clementine for a walk. In the book, Clementine walks to a mountain and a fountain, to school and the shops, to the forest and a park, to a garden and the gym, to the circus and the beach,  to friends' houses and fast food outlets and so many more places - even to a roller coaster!

Thank you for a lovely visit Wendouree Primary. 

Endpapers from Clementine's Walk

Endpapers from Clementine's Walk

WPS Artwork.jpg