He is tall and round like a bear.
 He climbs and gathers like a bear.
 He even sleeps like a bear!        My Dad Is A Bear  Reviewed on ABC radio Central West  August 2014  by Deborah Abela  'This is a book that pays tribute to big, cuddle bear-like dads everywhere. Cheekily illustrated by Annie White with great warmth and characters you want to hug, Nicola's story talks about a dad who is a bear. 'He is tall and round like a bear. He is soft and furry like a bear' and he even climbs, gathers and fishes like a bear. There are days when he can even growl like a bear, but mostly dad is gentle and warm and wonderful, but when asked if he really is a bear, he answers, of course, and do you know what bears do best? 'Give bear hugs!' Told with the help of a rabbit, some fish, bees, a bluebird and, of course, a baby bear, this is a charming tale of one great big, lovely dad.'     Reviewed by Jill R Bennett, Red Reading Club UK, June 1 2017  'What is tall and round like a bear: soft and furry like a bear: can climb trees and gather in a bear-like manner? And what has big paws and enjoys a spot of back scratching, not to mention possessing an enormous growl, having a penchant for fishing and a very bear-like way of sleeping? Why a bear of course. And what is it about young Charlie's dad that brings the most pleasure of all? What do you think?... Using ursine characteristics to point up the numerous ways in which a dad is special, debut picture book author, Nicola Connelly paints a pen portrait of a much-loved character. What an engaging book this is with its lovable characters, two bears plus bit part players, blue bird and rabbit. All are so adorably portrayed in Annie White's uncluttered paintings that beautifully orchestrate the simple storyline making every page turn a fresh delight. Beautifully simple and full of warmth, it's just right for sharing with a pre-schooler or with an early years group.' 
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