My mum knows just what I like. She makes me toast with vegemite.
 She takes me riding on her bike.
 We love to jump and splash in puddles.
 My mum loves to make me laugh when she blows bubbles in the bath.        Mum and Me   Reviewed by Tania McCartney for Kids' Book Review   Sunday 2 May 2010  'Released just in time for Mother's Day last year, this charming little book is illustrated by prolific artist, Annie White, who has illustrated over fifty children's books.  Designed for the very young, the book's rhyming text is basic but charming, and easy on the ear. As a little girl takes us through her happiest and funnest moments, we learn that most of them are thanks to her mum. So lovely to see a book focusing on what a child loves and appreciates about her mum, from the way she makes toast with vegemite to the way she jumps in puddles and joins in all the games. She's there taking care of the everyday practical stuff as well as the fun and treasured moments- and isn't that the stuff of comforting childhood memories?  Above all else, often it's the safe, secure and comforting childhood memories that are the most fond. And Mum and Me celebrates just that.'
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