The wise women, whose memories numbered more than the stars, said it was the last tree of a beautiful garden planted when the world first began. But they were only guessing.
 Nor could they tell you where the baby came from, the baby that was found swaying from the tree's stooping boughs in a sling made of mattress ticking.
 She danced with the villagers at births and weddings and wept with them at wakes, but she never spoke a word.
 On hot, slow summer days, Tiranamba Adesimbo Mbobo and the other children played while fruit sweetened and swelled upon the tree.        Reviews of Mbobo Tree  'The language of this book is as rich and colourful as the artwork. There's a sense of dusty, hot wide open spaces and unyielding sand. There's a feeling of poverty but deep joy and the message of respect for living things and sharing the tree's yield with animals is quietly powerful. A satisfying book that will provoke thought and discussion.' Books for Keeps  'A stunning well-told story. An excellent book with brilliant illustrations that would make a really worthwhile contribution to the RE unit on the symbol of trees.' Religious Education Primary News      
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