Is she under the table?
 Is she under the bed?
 Where are you, Isla Lu?        Isla Lu, Where Are You?   Reviewed by Kids' Book Review  Thursday 18th April 2013   'A game of hide and seek begins. Mother is searching. Isla Lu is hiding. First look- behind the couch. But there's only a red pencil, a hair pin and a lost scarf. The search continues behind the curtains, under the table, and past other family members on the stairs. Then it's on to the shower, the wardrobe, down the stairs and into the garden. The search ends after a check of the smelly rubbish bin and the dog house. Where was Isla Lu hiding?  Isla Lu, Where Are You? is a delightful story about a loving relationship between mother and daughter and their carefree expression of love through play.  Annie White's superb illustrations created with watercolour and pencil are full of movement and expression, just like the characters that flit across the page.'
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