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 Is it the way you use numbers or how you count with your fingers? Or is it the way you like to wear your hair from here to there?
 Is it the way you draw pictures or how you like to paint? Is it the stories you write about dinosaurs, sharks and fairies?
 Is it the way you can swim underwater or do handstands?          Is It The Way You Giggle? reviewed in January 2019 by Boomerang Books. ’The pairing of Nicola Connelly and Annie White come together again following the gorgeous My Dad Is A Bear in this fun, lighthearted tale of diversity and inclusivity; it’s Is It The Way You Giggle?  This is a sweet rhyming story with whimsical, soft palette and energetic illustrations that ooze with the magical essence of joy in childhood.  The narrative begs a thousand questions for the reader to ponder, beginning with the essential premise - What makes you special? There are a multitude of qualities, skills and characteristics that make us all unique, and this book is a beautiful discussion starter to have with your little one upon entering the journey of new experiences - to be able to be proud of and confident in who they are, as well as recognising and welcoming the differences in others. Is It The Way You Giggle? is a feel good story for pre-school aged children that will certainly bring a smile to their face.’
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